A partial letter,

Dear ...,

I am sorry that my question is too ambiguous. Actually, I mean that I wish to have a lifetime of happiness other than a lifetime of unhappiness.


1. Can I use the present tenses for the underlined words 'is' and 'mean' in my explanation?

2. Can I use the past tense 'was' to replace the underlined word 'is' and the present tense 'mean' unchanged because my question was recorded in a document?

Thank you.

With best wishes.
You posted already once on this matter. Why didn't you continue there?

You can use both tenses, be consistent:
is, mean, wish (if you still hold the same beliefs, and want to stress that)
was, meant, wished (if you want to make reference to the previous e-mail, document, and want to clarify it)
Anonymous this info is kind of confusing for me
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Hello Marius Hancu,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your kind reply. The reason why I did not continue with my previous post is to try to comply with the rules of this forum. In Rule 6, it sipulates:

6) Posts may be removed for any number of reasons; please keep your posting on topic and relevant to the thread you are in. If you wish to start a new discussion, or change the subject, please post a new thread in the appropriate forum.

I hope that my explanation will clear your doubt.

I also hope that what you have taught on how to stress 'is, mean and wish' is correctly applied here.

Thank you.

With best wishes.
this info is kind of confusing for meEmotion: swearEmotion: thinking
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