I was trying to learn English since long time, but i never succeeded ,I can read and write in english but i never achieved to convey the message to reader/listener in clearly can explain the thing in so long way, reader will finally confuse and he will not get the actual message.

I have seen one of my friends writing is very clear and descriptive, he will convey the message in a short. whenever am comparing my writing with him/anybody then i would think i need to improve a lot. I am unable to achieve the goals in my career hence lack of english(speaking and writing).I am very good in technical but i am very poor in communication, this is what i believe and same feedback has given my manager so many time in my appraisal.

I believe self rating is a best rating. I need to improve a lot in communication. Here the communication may be the presentation or writing the document. I need to improve my "Presentation style" and "Art of Writing".

Now, I need to tell my self what i am doing. I am software engineer and having 6 years of experinace.I have one bad habit that i will never follow the schedule like i will think that i will read paper or write some essay daily then it will improve my English. Once you read this passage you might understand where i am lagging. Kindly suggest me that how can i improve my presentation and writing skills.

Presently I am staying in US for three months, I will be going back to India in March.
Hi Posha,

Practice, practice, practice. Also, see the very top post in this section and it recommends two books. Get those two books while you are here and practice with those.


Thanks for replying to my message.
Am looking for critic who will give the feedback on my passage.
i would looking for some online training which will drive me to improve my weeknesses.

As i said earlier i never follow the schedule which i have to follow.kindly recommend some online training which will complete in two months.If i learn 5% percent out of the training i will be very glad to you.

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Sorry Posha, I think of any magic online training. Those two books will help a lot and then it is just practice. I can't think of a good source (critic) to review long essays and such.


As you read my passage,you might have observed the my writing quality. Can you give me the feedback on my writing. Can you suggest some daily schedule which i need to follow to improve the presentation and writing skills.


You need to better understand grammar. You need to know how to form complete sentences and when to use a period. But I think you have 80%+ mastered. The rest of the stuff is just detail, though important detail.

Can I suggest a daily schedule? No I can not. You just need to read and practice as much as possible. Try reading the NY Times. It's free and on the Internet. Read magazines or whatever.

You'll get there.

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Some years back, I was sitting in the hub of a Doctors surgery flicking pages of a well thumbed magazine when I discovered an interesting article by a professor of English. The Professor's observations, in regards to teaching children with learning disabilities, were quite amazing. Simply put, he introduced contemporary poetry to their National Curriculum. Thereafter the children's literary abilities reached higher then ever recorded levels for articulation.

So, to you, I say, trot down to the nearest library and give the poetry section and damned good kicking.