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Decide which concept questions are ‘useful’ and which ones are 'not useful' in checking that students understand the meaning and use of the structures.

1. She should see a doctor.
a) Is she unwell? useful
b) Has she seen a doctor yet? useful
c) Has she seen the doctor before? not useful
d) When did she see a doctor? not useful
e) What’s the matter with her? not useful
f) Does the speaker think it is a good idea for her to see a doctor? useful

2. She was cooking the dinner when I phoned.
a) Am I talking about two actions in the past? useful
b) Had she finished cooking the dinner before the phone rang? useful
c) Did she start cooking the dinner before I phoned her? useful
d) What was she cooking? not useful
e) Did she answer the phone? not useful
f) Did she start cooking the dinner after I phoned her? not useful

3. They wished they had taken umbrellas with them.
a) Did they go then and buy some umbrellas? not useful
b) Had they taken umbrellas with them when they went outside? useful

c) Were the people unhappy that they hadn't taken umbrellas? useful
d) Is the speaker talking about a future event? not useful
e) Is the speaker talking about a past event? useful

4. If he hadn't gone to the party, he wouldn't have met her.
a) Does this refer to an event in the past? useful
b) Did he go to the party? useful
c) Did he go on his own to the party? not useful

d) Did he enjoy the party? not useful
e) Did he meet anyone at the party? useful
f) Did he meet her because he went to the party? useful

5. They needn't have taken the exam.

a) Did they take the exam? useful

b) Do we know when they took the exam? not useful

c) Is the speaker talking about a past event? useful

d) What was the subject of the exam? not useful

e) Was it necessary for them to take the exam? useful
f) Have they passed the exam? not useful

6. He used to play tennis.
a) Does he play tennis now? useful

b) Did he play tennis in the past? useful

c) Was he a good tennis player? not useful

d) Did he play tennis only one time in the past? not useful

e) Did he play tennis regularly in the past? useful

f) Does he play another sport now? not useful

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