pretty/beautiful/nice(or else?)

Can you make a sentence for each word (the most frequently used sentence)?

Because I can't figure out their distinctions. Thank you in advance!

I know that if you say someone is beautiful. He/She must be very beautiful. That is, His/Her appearance must fit the general beauty standard(of a culture). While "pretty" only means the speaker's idea .And "nice" is said more often to express something has good lookings . eg: "someone is nice" means he's a kind person. By the way what's the difference beween 'nice' and 'kind'?
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"Pretty" and "beautiful" only refer to the outside appearance; to me, someone who's beautiful will always be beautiful, even when they get old. It has to do with bone structure, radiance, skin, well, eveything. Girls may be pretty, but it may not last long.

I'd use "nice" to describe a "good", fair and open-minded person: "our neighbour's so nice! She always welcomes our kids, tell them stories, and gives them cookies". "Kind" comes to my mind when a person is always there to help others: "It was so kind of you to take care of our cats while we were away" (to me, "kind" rhymes with "thanks")
This is a really difficult group to distinguish!

Firstly, beautiful is the most emphatic of the three. If you say, "you're beautiful," you are indicating unambiguously that the person to whom you're speaking is very, very attractive.

Beautiful is also used as a euphamism to describe some who may not be attractive at all, but might have good intentions toward others. This is often referred to as being "a beautiful person" or being "beautiful inside".

Distinguish between:
You are a beautiful woman. vs. You are a beautiful person.

Pretty is a rather diminutive synonym for beautiful. Often it is used to describe a more delicate beauty, such as that of children or young adults. Pretty can also used to describe attractiveness without a lot of sexual connotation.

Nice has many, many meanings, but in the context of beauty it is fairly neutral. Naturally, a lot will depend on the vocal emphasis placed on the word nice. Saying that a girl is NICE (with a lot of emphasis), may indicate a strong physical (sexual) attraction. Compare:

"Oh, she's nice." (the lack of emphasis neutralizes this phrase for sexual connotation)
"Wow! She's nice!" (the strong emphasis on nice sexually charges this sentence).

Others are bound to have more input--these are very subtle distinctions and each have multiple alternate meanings.

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