I would like to say something about why i need to tell prevention is better than cure in modern life. In this modern life direct effecting thing if we are not willing to make an preventive healthier life cycle may be ill health, weak immune, chronic diseases. Indirect effects if not having a preventive health cycle will be cost. How the cost will be affecting is now a day's are the cost for each and every treatment even with the insurnace support also the cost of treatment is high. And low class people or low wage people entire calculation of the budgect will be miss smashed because of any unexpected illness or infection. Even a person is being rich also in some cases treatment maynot full fill to make the condition stable to that infected person. But if he is an health life cycle person then the treamentable soultion can fastly rebuild the unstable condition of a normal person. If a person is weaker in immune also will not be able to withstand during unperdicted panedemic spread of virus to a community.

Considering the above mentioned cases, if our stsyem have a strong education and awarness to a healthy life cycle in all sence then the direct as well as indirect cost can be save for a comom person. Also this saving can be also a saveable amount to a country. A country with a strong immune people will directly effect to the growth of that country itself.

So i strongly reccommend a divese amount by a nation need to be spend for educating and providing awarness to the community or to the socitey to build an healthier and stronger nation.


Why did you write that text, and what kind of help do you need with it?