Please look at the following sentence.

The advisory from the Ministry of Health listed various __________measures that would minimize the risk of heat-related illnesses during the summer month.

a)preventive b)preventable

Its correct answer is "a)preventive". But I couldn't distinguish what is the difference between "preventive" and "preventable". Could you explain to me the meanings on two of them ?
I've already checked there have been similar questions like mine here but found them only for "Preventive VS Preventative". Could you help me with understanding those words ?
Thanks in advance.
preventable = able to be prevented

preventive = helping to prevent something

This disease is entirely preventable today.

We've taken preventive measures against the new virus.

Does this help?
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It's very helpful. Preventable disease and preventive measure! Thank you so much,Mr.IvanhrEmotion: embarrassed