Sarah's dad, governor of Illinois, got killed in season 2. The company made it look like that he committed suicide. But in season 4, the black guy killed Bruce to make him talk where the brothers and Sarah are. And.. Sarah gets shocked to learn that he is dead. Bruce is Sarah's father in Season 4?  

Another thing, 

Lincoln told Sarah that his mother died of liver cancer in season 1. And... he said his mother died of brain tumor in season 4? 

Seems like characters in Prison Break have very complex family history. 
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goodmorningnightmareBruce is Sarah's father in Season 4
i think she said it was her father's best frind
Oh, guess I missed what she said when she learned that Bruce is dead. Maybe it is because that she was sort of clam when her father died in Season 2, and that she was freaked out of Bruce's death in Season 4. 
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season 4 is full with surprises

there are many things going you know when they will air the new epsoid iheard its going to be the last one

so far my fav season was one
Yes, season 1 is the best out of 4. 
The last 4 episodes will be aired in April. That's the end of the story as you heard. Fox has announced that there is no season 5. Sad. 
yes you are rigtht. as a fan of the prison break ı can say first two season were wonderful . in season 4 there wasn't any mystery of company it seemed me as a simple criminal organization . however ı feel bad about that because ıt ll finish
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so whem is epsode 17 of season 4 comeing. i'm hopeing that fox will consider there decission and get us season 5. that will be great.
ı hope so
Come on think a littel... bruce aint sarah's father he is her fathers good friend.

And the think with cancer, is ofcause a lie that they were told
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