What are the kinds of school in U.S? Are they just "private" and "estate"?

Would anyone please give me furthur clarification?


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In the USA, schools are either "public" or "private".

Public schools are funded and administered by cities or states (not estates) using public funds.

Private schools do not receive public funds and are not administered by any public entity.

This applies to all schools - from kindergarden through University.

The same terms and concepts do not apply to the United Kingdom.
Thank you John for the consummate reply, but how about UK?

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Hi Iman

I can only speak with certainly about the US.

I have heard that in the UK, when one says a public school it actually means a private school, but as for the rest Iet's hope that one of our UK colleagues will pick up on this thread and comment.


Yes, 'public school' in England refers to a private school. This seems odd, but the reason is explained clearly here.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent school(United_Kingdom)

Schools run by the government are 'state schools'

There you go, Iman

Clive to the rescue with excellent backup.

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Thank you very much Clive for your help.

Helpful as always.

Thank you John for your time.

You helped me a lot.


So here is the implication of this issue:

-private/public school in US

-public/? school in UK

Is that right?

If so, what do we call the public school in UK?

Thank you in advance

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