Hi Mods,

I've been having this problem recently.

1. When I want to submit a post (Reply), it kept uploading without an end.

2. Sometimes, the post is added but it's invisible to me. I just can see my user name.

3. There are multiple invisible posts (Replies) for teachers. I just can see their user names.

4. I tried as anonymous, but the problem is still standing.

Thank you

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Blue Jay

Your post is invisible. I can't see it. I've just noticed that there is someone else who reported the same issue today; that means the problem is not from my side. I also noticed that many of the posts are invisible, but when it comes to the threads, I can see them so far. Therefore I guess, if you submit a thread on the HELP forum, I'll be able to see it.

Thank you very much

We were having problems with our server. Our engineer reports that he's fixed it.

Still can't see the replies. I guess there is a technical issue with the site.

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The posts that failed to appear are lost. New posts should work.

Thanks for the info!