・Young people today have a serious problem.
How would you interpret the sentence above?
(1) Young people today are bitterly afflicted.
(2) Young people today are problematic.
(3) Either, depending on context. 

#1, although its wording seems overblown. I'd just say 'Young people today face a serious problem / have to deal witha serious problem'.

For the #2 meaning. I would expect different wording.

eg Young people today pose a serious problem.

eg There is a serious problem with young people today.

Best wishes, Clive
If the sentence were this instead, would it make sense as #2?
・Young people today have a serious problem as human beings/members of society.
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And it sounds rather vague and unnatural.

Could you tell me in what way it is vague? 
Hi again,

・Young people today have a serious problem as human beings.

・Young people today have a serious problem as members of society.

Saying that young people are human beings does not give any real hint of what the problem is. Saying that they are members of society isn't much better. It just seems rather redundant to add those phrases.

Why not explain the problem more directly?

Best wishes, Clive
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OK. I understand. Thanks, Clive. 
CliveWhy not explain the problem more directly?

Do you mean 'the problem with the young'? If so, yes I agree with you.
Clive, could you please check this one as well? It's kind of urgent.
Thanks in advance. 
I read it the same as Clive. If they HAVE a problem it's a problem for them.

If they create the problem, it's a problem with them.

You said "the problem with the young" which identifies them as the source of the problem, not the (for lack of a better words) victim of the problem.

Young people today pose a problem to society: they are sloppy, lazy, and disrespectful and serve only as a drain on society's resources.

Young people today have a problem with society: no one takes them seriously and they are disrepsected by all but a few adults in their lives.

coul u please discribe what the exact problem is....?

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