Hi guys,
Hmmm, I turned off my antispyware resident shield and even my Norton Internet Security application, nothing helped. HTML widget for photo inserting was crashing all the time. To figure out this problem I'd need to know, what technology this forum is using. But it doesn't matter, I found another way. I owe admins another apology..:), because EF has outstanding HTML support!! Next set of photos is from the National park, which is situated maybe 3 hours outside of the city where I was born. I took these pictures last summer during my vacation. Tommorow I'll send some photos from the downtown of the city where I'm living..:)

HTML forever!!!...:-)

Best Regards JCD

Very nice pictures, JC! I don't understand why you are not satisfied with your "obsolete" camera. Emotion: smile
Thanks Ruslana,

I was planning to add some more photos today, but I'm tired from my work. especially with my boss breathing down my neck, because of the friday's deadline of the project which I'm working on...:-(

But thanks again,

Greetings to Russia!!...:-)
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Wow, I am impressed by the photos.[P]