I am working on a "Phoetic and Phonology" course. I had some problems with transcribing pronunciation of a sentence, when doing exercises:

Transcibe fast and connected speech of the sentence: He selects the best actors one could wish for.

First of all, I am a non-native speaker, please help me by checking the whole transcription firse. Such as, there are three omissions /i/ /r/ /d/, am I right?

Question 2:

In my transcription below, when pronouncing the plural 'selects', should /ts/ be in anyother specific IPA symbol or just combine with /t/ and /s/? phonetic description:

/t/ voiceless alveolar stop

/s/ voiceless alveolar fricative

Usually, when combining stops and fricatives, they become affricates, but /ts/ here is fricative. So, I am not sure about the combination.

Question 3:

connected speech of word best and actors ?

Or, If there are any other interesting points you encounter trying to represent the way you (NNS or NS) while pronounce the sentence in fast and connected speech, any of your comments will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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It all depends on the speaker. I don't have many IPA characters, but I (midwest AmE) would transcribe the sentence about like this:

He selects the best actors one could wish for.

/ hi sə 'leks ðə bes 'tæk tərzs wunkə 'dwish 'four /
Thanks for your reply,

Sorry, I can not read your transcription properly, because of the font problem, will you pls change it into a jpg picture and attach here?
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The only reductions or alterations I can think of in fast speech would be "seleks" (leaving out "t") and possibly "wung" (for "one", because the "k" sound is next). In AmE, the combination "best actors" would not be reduced particularly, "or" of "actor" being schwa plus "r" even in careful pronunciation.
Thanks Calif.

Your pronunciation as a NS could be well considered. Is there anyother NS here who can help me on your way of pronuciating this sentence?
will you pls [sic] change it into a jpg picture and attach here?

Would you care to tell me how I do that, Biangzi?
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Thanks, Mister Micawber,

Let me tell you step by step:

1. open the file with the transcription in Word or other word process software, press Printscreem button on the key board.

2. open a graphic design software, (eg. Adobe photoshop)

3. creat a new file, press ctrl+v, you will see a reproduction image of what you have in the Word with trascription

4. chop file into a suitable size and save it.

5. attach the file here while repling a post.

will it help?

Sorry, Biangzi. I got no further than step 1: I've got the IPA sentence in Wordpad, but the Printscreen button does nothing. Neither does trying to open the Wordpad document directly with Irfanview (my photoshop).

(PS: I am computer-challenged.)
thanks for your attempts on trying to help me.

It's OK. Could you send the file of Wordpad to me, then I will convert it and post it here for discussion?

By the way, I am afraid Irfanview is a software for picture review, not for graphic design.

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