1. What does "epic" mean? I have heard and seen a lot of people using it but didn't actually get what it truly means? Is it like humorous or something?

2. Consider this sentence:

I feel compelled to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book.

(Does "compelled" in here mean obliged or maybe something like "I must do it"? This is because "compelled" means "to force somebody to do something; to make sth necessary".)

3. Warrant (verb) means “to make sth necessary or appropriate in a particular situation”.
(SYN: Justify) - Oxford dictionary meaning

Can u explain the meaning to me a little bit more clearly? Is it something like "the thing was necessary to be performed"?

An example of warrant:

Further investigation is clearly warranted.

4. Can u explain the difference between "alternately" and "alternatively"?

5. Sometimes i hear people say: "The truth is overrated" - What does it mean?

6. What does "reimburse" mean? I didn't clearly understand the meaning in the dictionary?

I would really appreciate it if u could clarify all of the above problems if possible!!! thnx in advance...
TrunksWhat does "epic" mean?
What happened? Did you lose your dictionary? An epic is basically a long story about a hero, told in poetry. As an adjective it means big, lengthy, grand and/or heroic. It has nothing to do with humor, though any word can be used in the context of humor, of course.
TrunksI feel compelled to write ...
When you feel compelled to do something, you feel a great desire within you to do it, as if something is pushing you to do it. The paraphrase is "I feel I have to write ...", "I feel that I must write ...", "Something (psychological) is making me write ...".
TrunksFurther investigation is clearly warranted.
warranted = justified. There are good reasons for investigating further. We have evidence that justifies further investigation.
Trunks the difference between "alternately" and "alternatively"
They are sometimes used interchangeably, but here are some differences in usage.

"alternately" has to do with taking turns, changing between two or more things. The weather has been alternately rainy and sunny. Rain alternates with sun. We have rain and sun on alternate days.

"alternatively" has to do with having choices or substitutes. You can get to Hicksville on Highway 14; alternatively, you can take Highway 11. Highway 11 is an alternative route to Hicksville. But to reach Podunk City you have to take Highway 36; you have no alternative but to take 36.
TrunksThe truth is overrated
It's difficult to say what this means. I imagine it means that the speaker does not want to believe something because it conflicts with other beliefs he has. He is making light of a fact that he is emotionally incapable of believing.
TrunksWhat does "reimburse" mean?
It's a fancier word for repay. Suppose a friend pays for your meal at a restaurant because you forgot your wallet. The next day you repay him. You reimburse him.

My nephew recently used "epic" to mean "very, very good." Perhaps it's so good that it would take an epic novel to describe it. If I recall, he said "This weekend is going to be epic."

This is a good example of not using slang that isn't part of your natural vocabulary, since I'm certain I'd use it incorrectly.
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No...of course not....i did see the dictionary where it explicitly mentions that "epic" means taking place over a long period of time and involving a lot of difficulties...But it didn't make any sense to me when i saw it's usage in an everyday conversation a few weeks ago...so that's why i wanted to know if it has any different meaning other than the normal dictionary meaning...
Please post only one question per thread, if the questions are not related.

Apparently Homo sapiens can only comfortably track three mental states at a time. Six might be considered excessive.

Thank you!

Well, apparently the questions are too small to be posted in each thread except for one or two of them maybe...Btw, thank you for the enlightenment, but i thought we are in the 21st century!!!
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MrPedanticHomo sapiens can only comfortably track three mental states at a time. Six might be considered excessive.
Thanks for posting that link, Mr. P. But cognitive science aside, I think that in years to come I'll still be reading Anna Karenina, Bleak House, To the Lighthouse, and the rest of them just for a good cry!

New England philosopher Daniel Dennett claims to have an example showing that dogs can keep track of three mental states as well. So what good has evolution done for us lately, I ask! Emotion: indifferent