The exercise is : Fill each of the gaps in the sentences below with a suitable word or phrase. With bold is what I add in the sentence .

1.The disused chimney ........up by demolition experts last week. No idea what could be !

2.The decision whether or not to proceed with the plan was taken by the end of today.

3.It suggested that an attempt is to save the old Town Hall building.

4."Where's your daughter?" - "She looked after at the day care centre today."

5.Since we last met, another sentence is to cantract, to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

6.Six months' free insurance ........... in the purchase price. No idea! So sorry for that.

Thank you in advance !
1. was blown up?

2. Not quite. 'will be taken' - was taken is past tense but we are not the the end of today yet...

3. be made.

4. not sure about this one.

5. not sure. cantract can't be right?

6. included.
Contract - it's ok !