Hi, I am new to this forum. This is my first question here. I am a non-native English speaker. I have, actually, not practiced my English speaking skills for a very long time. And though I speak in English rarely I feel like I am not translating from my native language to English. But sometimes I feel like my mind is processing slowly especially when I am responding to the other person. I can read and write well(I think). I am not asking you for any magic pill. I know it will take time to get myself back on track with my speaking skills. I just wanted to know where should I start? Any recommended English language courses?

And do you think that my reading and writing skills are possibly poor and that is why I am not good in speaking?

Krishna Chaitanya 5444I just wanted to know where should I start? Any recommended English language courses?

I don't think you need more courses. You need a partner to practice with.

If you can't get that, at least listen to as much English as possible. YouTube has tons of videos you can watch. There may even be some with captions in your native language.



Hi, this is the same problem I have. I still don't believe in my English skills. The problem is that I have no one to talk to. I was on an English course in Malta. It was a wonderful time with friends. After the course, I dreamed of English Emotion: smile. I also know a lot of things to remember by talking. Now I'm desperately looking for someone to speak English with me.

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I'm looking for a partner,too.Searching for an above upper-intermediate level to maintain our fluency as well as preparing for the IELTS exam.Contact me via skype(live:.cid.89a36dc7b11fc1f9)
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