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How good is your xxx product ?

Regarding our car shampoo, the “Key” to “ANY” good car shampoo is that it has to be PH Balance, something that you don’t find on those purple gallon jug’s at you local store for $2.99 - one of the most common mistakes is that customers made is to invest in a good quality wax only to use an inexpensive /low quality car shampoo, using the wrong type of car shampoo will remove the wax that you had previously apply to protect your investment. What’s the difference between xxx Car Shampoo and the one I buy at the retail store for $ 2.99? Like anything else in the market place, all products seek their own level of justification based on the cost of producing the product and the quality of the ingredients in the product. xxx was never intended to compete with the $2.99 products in the market simply because there is no comparison between the products, either in performance or quality of manufacture. The use of the wrong shampoo that don’t remove the grime and dirt combine with a low quality sponge/applicator or whatever you use to wash you car, will result on those fatal friends for you car finish- Swirl Marks. Our car shampoo is a highly lubricated formula with its unique foaming quality and quick rinse characteristics SAFELY lifts dirt and grime while helping to prevent swirls from washing.With our shampoo the amount need is minimum, one half once of shampoo per gallon of water, other products you need half a bottle and at time you have to wash the surface twice. Just so you get a “good laugh” our shampoo was tested by an independent university lab, as a school project, out of 25 products we came in second place, first place was granted to a shampoo, a shampoo for newborns, that’s to give you an idea how safe and how much lubrication our shampoo has. A couple of factors come into play here. First, the strength of the wash solution is a key factor. The PH of the wash solution must be neutral. A wash solution that is to harsh or high in surfactants will prematurely "wash" the wax from the surface, and this applies to all waxes. Xxx Shampoo is a PH balanced product. The amount of washes will vary because of the many variables surrounding each situation. This sounds like an evasive answer, but let me give you an example. Person A waxes his car, drives it once a week and gives it an occasional rinse off maybe once every two weeks, he may go six months between waxes. Person B washes his car one to two times per week, occasionally goes through the drive through car wash, a rain storm or two, and waxes his car every three or four months. Now, the amount of washes may be the same but the time line is different. Another key factor to consider is the proper preparation of the surface before wax is ever applied. This is usually achieved with xxx or even a Bar treatment. Unless the surface is free on contaminants such as tar, overspray, tree sap, etc., then the wax will just be applied to the surface contaminants and not the surface proper.

My immediate reaction on seeing this is that it would be much more effective if you broke this long block of text up into smaller paragraphs. It would make it more inviting for people to read, and help them get a quicker understanding of the points that you are making.

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