Is this sentence clear? Can I use this expression "professional literature" or is there a more appropriate expression? Thank you.
Systematic distribution and synonymy were synchronised, as well as the catalog, according to the contemporary professional literature.
Something else is wrong with the sentence, Antonija. The catalog was also synchronised? With what? It is also difficult to synchronise synonymy (I presume we are talking about zoological taxonomy here), since synonymy already means 'the same names'.

As for the literature, I don't think you need 'professional' at all; the phrase 'the literature' in this context automatically means ' the publications in the professional field being discussed'.
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Actually, distribution and synonymy were sinchronized and catalog was (if literally translated ) put in order/arranged/organized. I don't know which term to use.
Well, I still don't like the 'synchronization' of 'synonymy', but I suppose something like this:

Systematic distribution and synonymy were synchronised and the catalog was updated to reflect the contemporary literature.