Good day, it is me threepod,
I like know how it is that i can to make progres in english?
I not undrestand always that that the professors they say, and i have need to speak in english to go at london in summer?
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There are two ways in which you can learn English:
1. becoming familiar with the language by simply listening, reading, speaking, etc.
2. study all kinds of rules (e.g. grammar) and apply them.

As a Dutch speaker of English, I learned English by becoming familiar with it. I read of a lot of English and talked English with a guy from Sweden. However, when it comes to grammar, I had to learn some rules. So I bought a good book, studied it and found some very interesting things about the English language. Meanwhile I kept on reading, listening and speaking English. As you do that, you develop English Emotion: smile

Of course, this is not the only way to learn English; it's just the way I learned it. Well, learned it - I'm still learning it Emotion: smile
Dear Threepod

You must say «Thanks!» or «Thank you!» at the end of a message.

«Thank!» is not English.

Kind regards
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Aah, Mr goldmnud,
i undrestand , i say "thanks!" to you!Emotion: smile
Dear Threepod,

You're welcome.

I should also tell you that the word is «progress».

Kindest regards,
Mr glaodmund,
thank you, but what is the word progress?
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Threepod, hello,
Goldmund means that in the title (titre), it's "progress", not "progres". Emotion: smile
Hello Threepod

Please say my "Hello" to Justine.

What's happened to your signature?
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