I am studying the service terms of one company. It works as an intermediary between service buyers and service providers. One thing which I can not understand is "Project Leads" term. For instance, in such sentences:

Robust Marketing Tools

  • A Business Storefront to promote your business and portfolio to buyers
  • Ability to package and sell services as "Buy Nows"
  • Opportunity to bid on project leads

  • Thanks.
I don't want you to think you're being ignored, but I don't know. When I saw your headline, I thought you meant the person who is appointed to direct the efforts of a team working on a project, but that's not right in this context, obviously.

This is marketing mumbo-jumbo (which means "words that don't really mean anything") and it certainly wouldn't help convince ME to buy whatever they are selling. I'm sorry I can't help you, but perhaps the company itself can clarify what it thinks it's saying.

The fact is that the company in question doesn't sell anything itself. It helps people who need some programming on their projects to find the right programmers for that. These programmers can bid on the project leads. I thought leads here might mean the short description of the project, an outline of it.

Can it be? Thanks.
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Hi guys,

I believe that to a salesman, eg a car salesman, 'lead' is a slang term. If a salesman has a lead, it means he has a potential customer, or he has information such as a phone number that may lead him to a potential customer, or maybe the salesman has a friend who has a friend who is a potential customer. If he really thinks the lead may result in a sale, it's a 'hot lead'.

So, perhaps 'project leads' means that if you are a programer looking for your next project to work on, this company can supply you with 'leads'.

Cops also talk about 'leads'. 'He has a new lead in the robbery case' means that the cop has information about a person he wants to find and talk to.

Best wishes, Clive
I think one of the reasons why it is hard to answer this post is because it is not clear as to the audience is. Is the term "project leads" intended for the potential programmers? If so, it most likely means that you will work as the leader of the project. You will work as the Project Lead with some team members under you. That there will be positions available for you to work as a Project Lead.
Hi guys,

That's definitely a possibility, Danyoo. When I worked in the computer business, the term 'lead' was used, but as an adjective, usually in the expression 'Lead Programmer', meaning that one programmer was the 'first among equals'. We also talked of someone as the 'Project Leader'. Perhaps 'Project lead' has become a more modern and trendy term. I know that in the world of dance, where one formerly spoke of 'the leader and the follower', some people now speak of 'the lead and the follow'.

Sometimes I think the world of language is locked in a downward death spiral. Othertimes, I feel more pessimistic.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks Clive, your first assumption as per the "lead" being something as "potential sales" makes sense. Indeed, the company offers project leads. In other words, it gives you the possibility to try to get this or that project, but whether you get it or not depends on you, on how smart you can bid on this lead. That's it. This is a potential sales for programmers' services. "Lead" is the something which might lead you towards the project but doesn't guarantee that you get it.

I believe I indeed gave not enough context, but the Project Lead as a leader of the Project and Leading programmer doesn't seem fit into the context.

Many thanks.