dear all,

for the last few month im plannig to apply for phd, but really trouble for me is research project, accordin to requirements u have to submit 2000 or more words research paper,

if i didnot identifyed yet my topic, where to get, good idea about research topic, how to write it on required level,

im not sure that i m posting on right place, anyway i believe there are people who can help me, in case my email,

Email Removed">Email Removed.

thank you all in advance

by the way my interested field is economics, trade, business.
Shamoll, welcome to the forums.

While I certainly wish you good luck with your Ph.D., I'm afraid no one here can possibly help you with what you are looking for. Surely, as the person who will be obtaining the degree, you are the only person who can say what topic would be of interest to you.

2000 words is not very many -- is this part of the application procoess, or part of the actual studies?
hello, thank you for help,

now concerning phd, you are right i have find topic, 2000 words its just for application process i have to give short summary about my area of interest, but the problem is not only to write,

it is in what level i have to write, because assume i ll choose one topic, i ll start my research but quality of my writing is it good enought, what are of their expectations? that is a question for me.

even i dont know from where to start, maybe i have to read few phd thesises if its possible to get.\

anyway once again thank you,

with this im starting to think more, and understand.
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Shamoll, is there someone you can talk to at the university? Tell them that English is not your first language, but you hope that the applicaiton essay is about your ability to research and analyze, and that your (current but improving) level of English will not be a problem? Or maybe put a note on the essay to that effect?