(1) Is 'promenade concern' modern English?

(2) What is the American English for 'prominade concert' (all online dictionaries I've looked up mark 'prominade concert' as BrEng)

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vlivef(1) Is 'promenade concert' modern English?

It is a venue and format for presentation of a symphony:

A concert of classical music at which a part of the audience stands in an area that has no seating, for which tickets are sold at a reduced price. The most famous series of such concerts is the annual BBC Promenade Concerts (known as the Proms), instituted by Sir Henry Wood (1869–1944) in 1895 and held since World War II chiefly in the Albert Hall in London.

vlivef(2) What is the American English

When Americans use the term, we refer to the British expression.

Symphony halls in the US do not have "standing room only" tickets so we do not have any reason to make a special term for this format.

Some concerts are held outside in pavilions where some of the audience may stand or sit on the grass. Usually the seats are ticketed, and the others not. These are generally popular music not classical.


Sorry for the spelling error in 'promenade'....

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