I need to write a Promotion Banner for a exclusive brand of Audio Products. They are launching this new product during Christmas and NewYear 2008. Visuals are almost decided. i.e Product is wrapped as a Gift and then next Shot the New Product is unwrapped..and then the Audio .. should say

For someone You Love..............Merry Christmas Or Happy New Year Or Happy Birthday..

and this should be in form of Slogan

can someone help me .with some creative input........and not so cliched lines yet reaching out to everyone!!
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Hi Sand-dumes,

I'm sure I'm going to sound quite mean saying this, but people make their living doing the type of work you're asking for here.

If you have a slogan already, and you want us to check the grammar, that's one thing (like, don't capitalize "You Love"), but to ask for people in the forums to provide the creative insights that firms specialize in isn't quite fair, to my way of thinking.
thanks for your opinion.. i just couldn´t think of something striking .. tht was the only cause of posting it here
not tht i wanted to earn my living at the cost of others.. its just your point of view ..

good to be honest in venting emotions out
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You have an audio product - your slogan needs to emphasize that fact.

Think of hearing, listening, ears, sound
Hi Sand-dumes. Please be aware of the fact that at the moment when someone writes here his slogan, he will be the owner of copyright to it. This means you are not allowed to use it without his prior written permission (and maybe without proper consideration given). Since this is a public forum, it won't be a problem to prove its original ownershipEmotion: smile That was just a legal notice
Btw. isn't it usual that big corporations leave this work (advertising) to professionals who create the whole project (including visuals and slogan) at once, thereby creating their own copyright?
Hey you are right there..but some ffirms do give employees a chance ...just to save a buck but nonetheless.. you are making it more legal than it really is!!

I have my slogan.. but thanks for your attention and Btw for legal notice as well!!
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Hey Thanks...I have my Slogan already.. but all nitty gritty .. all i asked was a bit of help and got served with legal notice..and copyright and stuff..

yes big firms do have all tht and yet they want to give their input as well......so employees are also asked.. .. Buddy .. i feel this is overreaction..

Best Wishes
I was just joking - it is a normal reaction of a lawyer when he has nothing else to sayEmotion: big smile I was not in a state to think of something creative.
Hope you won't be disappointed with this Forum
so tht was lawers attempt at dry humor.. i am not dissappointed .. as long as get the attention

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