I have a problem with writing a promotional letter, I hope for somebody's help Emotion: smile.

I need to write a formal letter (it is for my studies so the situation is imaginary) for a potential client. I know that he could be interested in my services and I have to "sell myself" in the best way. The problem is that it is formal letter, but at the same time this is like advertisement, so it shouldn't been boring and I'm not sure which tone is appropriate for it.

I will be grateful for any information about such letters.

IMO, the most appropriate tone shoul be your own tone that from your sincere heart.

i don't like the business letter in forms, they look like the same !! i hate them.!

i like the sentence written by your heart!

come on, veka! look at my motto under written by me! Emotion: smile

Thank you, Kevin-China, for support Emotion: smile I understand your point, but you know it's easy to write a letter from heart to your friend, but in case of official letter it could be a bit hard.... I was looking in the Internet maybe for some examples or templates to get a better idea, but google gives you heaps of links for book-shops, but not real information Emotion: sad
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sometimes, i tend to search the ready-made articles on the web.

but it seems not very appropriate for my need.

it's a expression of your emotion that writting something by your hands .

if you want to get it on the web ,you can pay somebody writting for you on web,

there are so many professional writer on the web for profits.
Thanks for advice, I've written the letter already - i had an inspiration yesterday. The result is quite simple letter, without fancy words, i'm not sure if it would work in reality, we'll see what teacher will say Emotion: smile
Is it possible for you to share your sample?Thank you so much
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Hi Anon,

The thread is four years old. I doubt the people who posted to it are here any longer.