I basically know how to pronounce "r", but I got a tiny confusion.

When you pronounce "R" at front of a word, and "R" at somewhere middle of a word, are they the same? (the tongue shape)
Such as "Read" and "pRonounciation"

I know that for the R in "pronounciation", you rise up ur toungue silghtly without touching the roof.

But what about the first R in a "Read" and other words such as "Red", "Ray", do you do the same, moving up silghtly without actually touching the roof?

What's the stardard way, if I rise the tongue silghtly without touching the roof in "Read" or "Ray", is it correct? or do I have to touch it? or is it dependent on how strong ur voice is?

Ps: I live in Australia, I prefer learning the Australian R, or british R, but sure you can tell me about the American one too if u want as a reference.
I think my R's are always the same, generally speaking. I've always wanted to know if British R's are different from the American R's. I think they are...
I don't touch the roof of my mouth when I pronounce an R (American R). Or al least I don't clearly touch it.
Touch the roof of your mouth behind the area that you touch for the L sound. As long as your R does not sound like L you will be fine in American English.