A small question on the pronounciation of the word 'bode'

It's pronounced /boud/ right?
So my question is how does its pronounciation change when we add -s?

/boudz/ or /boudiz/?

"bode" is pronounced [bowd], so with an -s, it will be [bowdz]
Pieannes pron. guide is correct Miche. Emotion: smile
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Well, I don't think it is an exception, so I will definitely say /boudz/. The past tense is /boudid/.
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I think my & Miche's messages were posted at the same time, Abbie, but I DO like your back up (f) . Makes my non-native posts soooo much more credible! (l)
Oh - so they were pieanne! I rarely think to look at the posting time![O]