Hi, Two of my friends are arguing over the correct pronunciation of the letter 'H'
One says it should be pronounced as if it becins with an H (i.e Haych) the other says it is pefectly acceptable to pronounce it with no h (so aych)
Anyone know which is correct??

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Different people in different parts of different countries with different religions pronounce it in different ways!
aych is the right way
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This controversy must be taking place in Britain. In the U.S. the only pronunciation I've ever heard is "aitch".

Aitch is correct but yes, in the UK, some people say 'haitch'. Sign of poor education.

If you ask them why, they will say it is because it has to start with H. Haitch for H.

So then ask them if they say fef for f, lel for l, mem for m, nen for n, rar for r, ses for s, xex for x, and goodness knows what for w!
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You forgot yiy...or some such spelling (yeye, yi, ?).
I think "haitch" was previously the northern BrE pronunciation, though now you can hear it anywhere.

In Northern Ireland, you can tell a Protestant from a Catholic by their pronunciation of H.

Yeah it's actually pronounced Aiche althought most people actually say H... they are infact wrong...
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