I have a trouble with the usage of pronouns when I tell someone something I've heard from someone else.
For instance,

"Sara said, a tall blond girl punched a short brunette girl because the short brunette girl was kissing the tall blond girl's boyfriend. Then a tall brunette girl who was a friend of the short brunette girl punched back the tall blond girl in the tall blond girl's face."

I am not sure whether the sentence above itself is OK or not. But if it's worth while, I want to know on which words I can replace with pronouns like 'she' or 'her'.

Thanks in advance.
Your original sentences are far too awkward, Infinity, but with all those women thrashing about, pronouns would only confuse the issue even more; you do need other shortening devices, like:

'Sara said that a tall blonde girl punched a short brunette because the latter was kissing the former's boyfriend. Then a tall brunette girl, the short brunette's friend, punched the tall blonde back in the face.'

(PS: Strictly, girls are 'blonde' or 'brunette', while boys are 'blond' or 'brunet', but these distinctions have become fuzzy in English.)
Thanks, MM.