It is she who received the free airline ticket.

She has more time available than me for handling this project.

Did you see Cheryl and he at the opening session?

Each student must have their own data disk.

Several students have his or her own computer.

Some of the employees were happy with their raises.

The company has not decided whether they will make profit sharing available.

All candidated mst submit his or her resume.

Naploleon organized their armies.

Are these sentence have the right pronoun use. -------

1) It WAS she...
2) She has HAD ...
3) ...Cheryl and HIM...
4) correct pronoun usage
5)...have THEIR own... (optional)
6)correct pronoun usage
7)correct pronoun usage
8) ...his or her OWN resume
9) correct pronoun usage

4/9 correct

5/9 incorrect

you made about 55%

Emotion: wink