do these pronouns/determiners example All,Own,Every always followed by verb or noun ans should 's' witten at the back of the words.Example Every movement,own good,all like or Every movements,own goods,all likes?Which want is correct?Thank you.
Determiners modify a noun, not a verb. Some of them can be used as pronouns.

The number (singular, plural) depends on the determiner.

Few plants survive in Antarctica. (plural)

All babies sleep a lot. (plural)
Most cars are well built these days. (plural)
He watched every movement that the dancer made. (singular)
Neither boy likes the new teacher.(singular)
Both boys like the new teacher. (plural)
No man can live without oxygen. (singular)

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if the word own?
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and why the sentence got verb in this sentence.I saw ia movie they say'It all adds to the flavour'.Why got verb beside all and why the add has 's' added on it to make adds?
Ruben'It all adds to the flavour'.
The subject is it. (singular) It all is an expression meaning "all of it" or everything.

All can be either singular or plural depending on the context.
so you meaning to say all always not followed by plural.It sometimes followed by singular or plural.Is this what are you trying to say ?
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All by itself can be singular. If it means "everything", it is singular. Most of the time it is plural.


All (everything) is well.

All followed by a noun is plural:

All class members are going to the picnic.
All of the apples in the basket are fresh.

All birds have wings.