Hello everyone

How can we pronunce word like 'iedna'?

Do we pronunce 'ie' like eat?


When you say 'a word...' you're making a big assumption; I don't believe there's any such word!

However, those letters in that order would probably be pronounced with an 'I' sound at the beginning, as in the words 'tie' or 'try'.

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I went to onelook.com and entered "iedna". There were only two hits. The first is a Polish town, Miedna, pronounced MEE-ed-nah. The other is another Polish town, Pobiedna, pronounced pah-BEE-ed-nah. Neither pronunciation is consistent with the expected phonetic values or stresses in English.

This editor changed what I wrote above. I wrote "iedna" between two asterisks (the wild card symbol in onelook), and the editor interpreted that as bold /bold.