I do candidly admit to my being overwhelmed and flabbergasted by the umpteen tricks of the English pronunciation.Apart from engaging in a lifelong struggle to try and master it(so to speak,of course)it has strongly aroused my curiosity about its genesis and shaping.
I do apologize for my bad English but I do hope to make me understood.What I would like to know,what I am longing to know is who and/or what set the grounds of the English pronunciation.
I am perfectly aware that the most important thing is to improve my pronunciation(I am too much in love with English-an unreciprocated love,I am afraid- and determined not to maul it too much),but it makes you feel good to know,while reading "Dearest creature in creation"
who to find fault with,who is accountable for the tricks,twists,delightful naughty fuzzy rules,exceptions,inconsistencies of this pronunciation,shortly who to curse...
Last but not least I defer to your knowledge and wisdom for my question n.2.
Why are foreign words pronounced in the English way?
I mean,"Video"comes from Latin,right?Should it be pronounced "Video"or "Vidiou"?

Glad to be here and have a nice day you all
What is your question?
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Basically I have two questions:

1.Who and/or what set the grounds and features of the English pronunciation?

2.Why are words such as "Video"(from Latin")pronounced in the English way?

Thanks again!
1-- Usage, which the lexicographers record. Some regional pronunciations are publicly vilified; others are publically glorified.

2-- Usage. No one studies Latin anymore. Foreign words drawn into any language tend to gradually acquire the local precedents of pronunciation.