How to pronounce SCHULTZ?

help appreciated.thanks
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It is pronounced like /shults/.

/sh/ as "sh" in shake

/ul/ as "ull" in pull

/ts/ as "ts" in hits

How would you pronounce the two following words, in British and American English. I must say that its pronounciation led me to a serious misunderstanding.

Gorilla versus Guerrilla.

Thanks in advance.
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Maj, your unceasing interest in the English language exceeds by far almost all of us here. I sure admire your enthusiasm!

Gorilla and guerrilla are the two words that have the same pronunciation, and I find no variations either in American or in British English. Since I can't have IPA, International Phonetic Alphabets, written on this board, I'd rather demonstrate the sounds by comparing similar ones occurring in other words.

gor as "ger" in monger (when pronounced in General American)
illa as "illa" in villa

* The stress falls on the second syllable.

When you hear them pronounced, you may have to find out as to which one of them is meant, in the context of the speech. Unlike the Spanish pronunciation, the number of consecutive l’s or r’s has no influence on the inherent value of the respective sounds in words.

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I would appreciate it if you would correct any mistakes in all my sentences including this one.

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