I have heard someone on TV pronouncing "advertisement" as: adver-tiz-ment. But I have always heard it pronounce: adver-tize-ment. Which one is more common pronunciation? Please let me know. Thanks.
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AnonymousBritish pronunciation is ad-ver-tis-ment. American pronunciation is ad-ver-tise (rhymes with the word eyes)-ment.
I said that four years ago.

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I worked for an advertising agency in the 60s and we always pronounced it adver TIS ment. All of a sudden now it is being pronounced adverTIZEment which I think is wrong. It sounds so stupid.
I'm assuming that the stress on the form spelled with an s is not on that syllable, but rather on ver. Yes, I often heard this in the past, but I think it was from older people (those who were then the age that I am now - I'm 71). Both sound perfectly natural to me.