I have been learning British accent( the modern RP, which Boris Johnson speaks with) for a long time. I suppose that I have been able to master the IPA properly and have managed to know where on words I have to put the stress. I have been listening to British news, podcasts, songs, and movies for years, thereby, acquiring the ability to assimilate how British people sound, and how it's different from other accents significantly. I love British accent, and wanna be able to speak with it. Having said that, I think I am able to copy how words are said in British accent individually. That being said, I mess up as I try to speak a whole sentence: Jhon does not want to die as loves himself massively( a statement), oh, my God! How you did this! How do you know sir that I am afraid to you( a question)?

You see the problem with me is intonation in the whole sentence. I am quite sad that when British people speak, the don't stress every word in a sentence. I know that every language has intonation; nevertheless, I don't wanna amalgamate how I stress on my native language with how I should in English. Moreover, kindly don't recommend to imitate British speakers before I know the rules as I prefer to study grammar before learning any language ( I think our brain learns swiftly if it can connect things to the things already known) well, this is my learning style. Maybe, yours is different. I just brought up my learning style in order that the answering person could suggest me something better( no offense intended).

My question to you is the following: are there any hard and fast rules to learn how the intonation works? if yes, please mention them!

If not, how should I endeavour to learn the intonation then?

Any answers will be massively appreciated.

Sincerely, J.J.


Try entering

intonation in British English

at https://www.google.com/

You may be able to find a website that will help you.


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jayprakash Singh I don't wanna

I thought we talked about this.

Sorry, I could not help; I will cement that into my memory. From now on, it will never happen. Thanks for correcting me!