Hi everyone! I found couple of interesting pronunciation websites I thought to share with you.

The first one gives a recorded sample of the different ways English speakers from all over the world pronounce words.


The second one is a link to a site where you can download "SuperMemo". SuperMemo, a computer program for learning how to pronounce words. You create your personal database of items and the program tests you on them.

http://www.english.hb.pl/articles/supermemo /

Have fun!!

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aand another perfect one.


it is free..
Hi Deryaa

Your link sounds really interesting, but I couldn´t sing in as a new user... do you know how to do that????
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hi reme

it is very easy indeed.

on the right of the first page there is "SIGN UP" .click on there and here comes an account setup.

you must fill in the form.then you are the user of the site. so you can sing in from then on.

it is so easy.

I hope you will do it

see you
Hi Deryaa

I did that before, but nothing happens if I click on that ... It seems to me it doesn´t work if you don´t access to it with a PC (with ©Windows) and I´m not using Windows, but Mac.

It´s a pity, but thanks anyway.
Hi Reme,

hope its not problem with ur system, i also tried to do. its not accepting. may be they r not accepting new users.

tell me if u get registered

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unfortunately the site cannot be opened for now.

I hope it is being updated now.

if it is not found I will be very soryy because it is very useful for me...
I tried registering at talkenglish.com today, and I succeeded. Go on guys and have fun.
yeeees it is ok now.

but the teacher was not there for a few days so I couldnt ask .I am studying there and enjoying very much.
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