Hi.....just wanted to know if anyone could help me with the pronunication of the following names:
Alejandro(is it the same as Alexandro?)

Thats it for now!Emotion: smile
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Anglicized or in the original (I assume) Spanish?
The Spanish version as well as the Anglicized.....
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Approximately, with Spanish first, but both in English-like "phonetics":

Alejandro ah - lay - HAHN - droh
Horacio oh - RAHSS - yoh
Joaquin hwah - KEEN (?) (not sure)
Vincente been - SEN - tay
Camila kah - MEE - lah

Alejandro al - uh - HAND - roh Alexander
Horacio huh - RAY - shoh Horatio
Joaquin JOE - uh - kin Joachim
Vincente vin - SEN - tay Vincent
Camila kuh - MILL-uh Camilla

Well done, CJ.

Just a correction, in Spanish we have the name VICENTE, not Vincente.
I always get confused with the name Alejandro....
this is a great forum.....

thnx for help!
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I think I knew that about "Vicente", but, as you can see, I took it as my job simply to say how those names (right or wrong) would be pronounced - not to correct them!
Hey, that's a great idea!
Unfortunately, I don't have mike Emotion: sad

not the same as Alexandro
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