Does anyone know the correct or most common pronunciation of the family name Entwistle. For example, John Alec Entwistle (bass guitar player for The Who). I believe that it is also the name of a town in Lancashire, England.

Many thanks.
The pronunciation is /En-twi-sl/ with the stress on the first syllable.
Yes, there is an Entwistle in Lancashire, it's a township in Bolton-le-Moors parish; on the Bolton and Blackburn railway, 6½ miles North of Bolton.

It has a station on the railway and a population of 422, at the last census, living in 82 houses.
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Ee-by-gum, I used to live not too far away from there - in Rochdale.
Small world isn't it Annvan?

I'm from Blackpool myself!
Blackpool! The tourist centre of the north! (At least for us northern folk...) :-) ! Do you still have a regional accent and intonation or have these morphed into something more international in all your travels?
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It's still there! It sometimes fades a bit, but a week or two at home usually brings it completely back!

After returning from home once, back to Singapore, a Welsh flatmate I had at the time said to 'What's happened to you voice? It's gone all weird and I can't understand you!'

Even though I don't think it's that strong in general, any ex-pats or new colleagues I meet always guess I'm from the North... Mind you after a few beers any morphing always seems to disappear!
Bass player for the who