For the life of me, I don't understand people saying MEY-GUH S.

When you look at the word, it instantly reminds you of the word Magic. So you give it a hard MAG-US.

Can someone explain to me why Mey-Guh-s is more acceptable than Mag-us?
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The 'u' after 'g' makes the sound a hard g, as in goose. A 'g' followed by 'i' or 'e' makes the g sound like a 'j', as in ginger or generation.

I say majus like magic
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I know this is a major necro post, but I love that this question was brought on by the game Chrono Trigger (Schala asking about Magus)!

Yes, it does seem illogical. Even the Greek has an alpha, and a hard 'g'. Perhaps it's due to the original pronunciation of the word in Persian, whatever that is!