How would you read out the following numbers?

2,684 ft? Would you say 26 hundred and 84 or two thousand six hundred and eighty four feet?
How about any other four digit number?
I believe the four digit numbers with only the two first digits significant are read by first reading the first two digits followed by hundred e.g. 8,400 is read 84-hundred. But how do you read four digit numbers with three or four significant digits e.g. 5,280 or 7,435?

How about 1,415,926,535? Would you read it as 1 billion, 4 hundred and 15 million, 9 hundred and 26 thousand, 5 hundred and 35? My English teacher (he’s English) taught that the British pronounce these and's, but Americans do not. I’m, however, not convinced since I have heard Americans say things like: the year 2-thousand and 9.

Finally, the decimal numbers? Would you read the number 0.8320671 as (oh/naught) point eight three two oh/zero six seven one? My English teacher says the digits after the decimal point are read separately, but once again I’m not completely convinced.
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but what about a number with 6 didgts how would you say that in words i really need help with that
123,789 is one hundred and twenty-three thousand, seven hundred and eighty-nine in BrE.
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Hey there!

1. We there are two zeros in the end of a 4-digit number like : 2400 , we read it as : twenty four hundred. We don't do this about 2432 or 6540

2. I have also heard two thousand and nine for 2009 but Your teacher has been right. The only occasion Americans use "and" is in numbers like 2008, 2002,... .

3. Again your teacher has told the right thing : 5.564 five point five six four

Trust your teacher