Hi guys,

Does anyone know how to pronounce "McIlquham"? I believe it's an Irish surname. Thanks.
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Mac-il-wam, I think.

Perhaps a little more aspirated, in Ireland: mac-il-hwam.

Thanks MrP...much appreciated.
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I need to know the correct pronunciation for the Surname ACEVEDO

Is it Ace- Vido

or Is it ek - Vihdo

or is it Aas - Vihdo

My Grandfather was John Mcilquham. It is pronounced ' Mac-il-wham' as yet I have only found My family in Scotland [back to the 1600's]
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Mac-ill-warm is how I pronounced it. My Grandfather, Andrew McIlquham, was from Ontario Cananda, moved to the Chicago area, and then setteled in Boston Ma. I was told the name is Scott-Irish. If you wish any additional info I have please contact me a (Email removed).
My mother's name was McIlquham . It is meant to be pronounced mack - eel - harm .It is a Scots name . Most people seem to pronounce it muck - u - um
hi my name is scott mcilquham, i am from scotland.

McIlquham is a n Irish name, from Galway I believe.

There is a n abundance of McIlquham`s in Scotland, we wear Lamont Tartan and we emigrated from Ireland to Argyll-shire in Western Scotland, we were Law men.

You pronounce McIlquham- Mack-Il-Wham
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