I'm learning American English.. Could you help to advise the pronunciation of "geniuses"

Is "+es" pronunciated as " /is/" or " /s/ in American English ?

Thanks in advance.


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In many cases it is difficult to distinguish certain vowels. The sound could be either a schwa as in "run" or an "i" sound like in "did". But that depends on the accent too... Different accents have different vowel sets, and there are a lot of accents. Anyway, I was telling you that often more than one vowel is possible. Consider "station":

Some say stay-shun
Others say stay-shin
Others pronounce it with a vowel that is somewhere between the first and the second example. I think this is the way I tend to pronounce it...

Other words like that are husband and bonus for example. I believe geniuses is one of those words too. There are a lot, because schwas can assume many different but very similar sounds.

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Is "+es" pronunciated as " /is/" or " / (missing image) s/ in American English ?
In geniuses (and in other words with this pattern) the final es is usually pronounced like the izz in fizz.

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Ooops, yes... You were referring to the final "es", so that is usually "is" (like the verb).
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