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Please check my proof of english proficiency letter if there are any mistakes please correct and highlight them

I respectfully present the following justification of my English proficiency.

From elementary school onwards, English was the medium of instruction in our core subjects, namely reading, writing, mathematics and science.

I studied at PAF-KIET, an accredited institute of Economics and Technology, and I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. The official language of communication was English. All symposia, colloquia, seminars and similar discussion groups were always conducted in English. I passed all English subjects with above-average grades.

During my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, I enrolled in courses of English Language, Business Communication & Report Writing and Oral Communication. After completing my Bachelors Degree, I was employed with one of the pinnacle software house of Pakistan, TPS-Pakistan the leading provider of switching and payment solutions and services to financial institutions worldwide. I am working as Senior Systems Engineer and I have been employed with TPS-PAKISTAN for two year now. Being a Senior Systems Engineer, I am mainly responsible for Consultancy, testing and deployment of projects for most of the major Banks of Pakistan and Internationally. Once again, all of these testing documents, Training material and group discussions are in English. Our clients are located both within the country and abroad. English, both written and oral, is the only medium of communication during interactions with our clients.

I am also being sent offsite for the deployment of projects and to provide technical trainings to other groups, client and technology partners. Of course, English is the only medium of communication used during interactions with our colleague, vendors and clients at other facilities.

As a professional, interacting with a range of clients in various countries, I consider myself to have a high level of proficiency in both spoken and written English. Both my technical skills and English language proficiency helped me to perform both effectively and efficiently.
I read it very hasty.. but i found some faults.

Read again the last three sentences. You used both three times. Try to eliminate this.

I have been employed with TPS-PAKISTAN for two years now.

Im was also sent offside
(do you mean in a foreign countrie btw?)

But i read very fast , so i think there are still several mistakes in it , but not bad ! Emotion: smile
Try to find them yourself Emotion: wink

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