Hi, I am attaching this letter with my Visa application, can you help me make a proofread for it. Anything from grammar to better paragraph structures would be appreciated.

"I am writing to apply for a study permit to attend X in Canada from September 14, 2020 to May 14, 2021. I am currently pursuing an English taught bachelor’s degree in software engineering at Y in Z with visa expiry date November 11, 2020.

After I obtained my high school diploma in 2016, I took online courses from Coursera, Edx and MIT OpenCourseWare platforms on modern programming languages, algorithmic design and analysis, data structures and web programming from the University of Michigan, University of California San Diego, Rice University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In May 2018 I enrolled in a competitive programming training session organized by the G in my home city H.

I was admitted in a one-year certificate program P at U in the province of British Columbia, Canada, starting September 14, 2020. The program covers all important areas in web development, from the client side to the server side, and provides an opportunity to learn multiple important programming languages and web technologies, such as Java, Javascript, C#, React, Angular, React Native, and many others. For admission, I had to pass an entry test on object-oriented programming as a solid understanding of object-oriented programming is a prerequisite for the program. The advanced software development courses I will take at U will help me acquire advanced knowledge on the modern foundations of software development. I will develop the qualifications needed to launch my IT business in Morocco that will provide digital capabilities to touristic projects in Morocco. I am particularly interested in building and managing IT Infrastructure that addresses demanding business challenges in the Moroccan tourism industry. The program at U will allow me to acquire the necessary skills to design, develop and implement today’s cutting-edge technologies, and to offer support solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements and demands of the clients. For example, I will implement customized solutions for guesthouses in T, which is becoming a dynamic touristic destination. My family has the financial resources to support my education abroad and finance my IT business in Morocco. My father and mother own real estate properties and I own my flat. I should also mention that the available funds shown in the bank statement come from land sales made by my father and me.

I chose Canada and U mainly for three reasons: Firstly, the online courses I took from the abovementioned US universities made me realize that the North American educational pragmatic approach combined with advanced training would benefit my career in Morocco. The program at U will teach me the processes, tools and technologies that I will use in my business in Morocco. Secondly, Canadian degrees in technology are highly regarded in Morocco. Finally, As my interests lie in full stack web development, I find advanced courses of main interest to me such as ASP.NET, PHP with Lavarel, Express.js, and Node.js offered in Russian language at Y. Thus, I chose U because they offer such courses in English and many others such as MongoDB. I also chose U because it offers practical, hands-on training in software engineering in a one-year program.

At U I received the highest grade in an advanced programming course in the first semester of this academic year. The course covers advanced graph algorithms, neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms. The online courses I have taken from North American universities proved to be truly effective and helped me grasp quickly the material taught at U.

As an international student, I am aware of my responsibilities during my stay in Canada, that is, to maintain enrollment and course progress and to leave Canada after completing my studies. I am also showing sufficient funds and financial support from my family to cover tuition fees, living costs during my stay in Canada, and a round-trip flight ticket connecting Morocco and Canada. I have enclosed related and necessary documents with my application."

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