Now, for your entertainment, I will prove to you that a cat has 9 tails.

1) You would agree that no cat has 8 tails? Yes

2) You would agree that one cat has got one more tail than no cat? Yes

Therefore, one cat, has one more tail than no cat (which has 8 tails) and so it has 9 tails.

I love being clever, and I love being cleverer than you.

Thank you very much.
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But I thought that a cat has nine LIVES!! Emotion: smile
Ah Benita, you've so much to learn :-)

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Well Orior, thank you for the information, but you see, I would still prefer the cat with nine lives than one with nine tails!!!Emotion: smile
what about the cat with no tail?
HUH ! Is that the answer " one cat has one more tail than no cat" ?

Or is it that 'if a cat has nine tails' then *no cat has eight tails' but 'since one cat has one more tail than no cat, it must have nine tails' !
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nice one.. but you know.. you actually took that from a 5th grade book you realize that, yes? XDEmotion: big smile
Well, I didn't get that from a 5th grade book. I got that from a book. Reading book. No grade level
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