This writing doesn't seem good to me but I give my best shot on it. Is it natural?

We don't know what's inside our body, if the bones inside our bodies cracked or not? It is easier to see through our skin using X-rays before actually getting it operated by professional surgeons. What are X-rays?
Date back in 1895 a German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen accidentally found an unknown radiation while he was doing a research with his cathode ray. It was some kind of fluorescent glow near the tube. Then, this radiation had been used in medical operations, industrial research and even in biology.
X-rays are useful. It can be used to check whether your teeth has problems like cracks. Also, it can be used to kill cancer cells. Since X-rays are ionised they can lead to cancer so limiting the exposure to X-rays is urgent.
To summarise, we can get the most out of X-rays but they are not one-hundred percent safe since they are radiations, having high frequency.