Currently I am drafting my SOP. I just want to know about the gramatical and vocabulary mistakes if I have made. Please enlighten me.

""I had been a struggling survivor rather than born to win go-getter. The challenges I came across is struggling my way through which have molded me into an open-minded learner. My passion for mathematics and physics driven me to study Engineering. This passion further developed when I had to improve my higher secondary scores for acceptance into an engineering program. Choosing Electronics was an obvious choice of my graduation due to the charm that I had for this program.

Unluckily, during my undergraduate studies I had a discontinuity affected by financial problems. I would like to mention the reason for my extended duration and average academic performance. Through my under graduate studies, I was also engaged in a part time odd job which had led much of my time for job and less time to concentrate on studies. My part-time job not only polished my interpersonnel skills but also provided me the right kind of prespective towards life. In good time, I secured a job at IQRA University, which had explicitly supported me financially and educationally.""

Thanking you in advance
I suggest you rewrite it in a clearer, simpler and more direct manner.