Reviewing is not my cup of tea. Also I vaguely remember what the book was about. I read it on a leisure time.

I think the book was starting from him who got expelled and went back home. Since he did not want to see his parents so soon, he had gone to different places. It was like a journey going from one place to another.

I think Holden was sort of the guy who embodied teenagers. You know the way he did and he thought in the book was something, seemingly, they had been through.

If you break up the book, the protagonist tells many things.

From academic point of view, he was probably a loser. What on the earth he got expelled from school to school! He should be ashamed of himself. That was one of the reason he did not want to see his parents. But he wanted to see his little sister.

He was such a loser. I remember that he went to a bar, drinking the mixing up soda and Scotch, and dancing with those women who wanted to meet Cooper. Later he called sex service. However, he did not make out with a prostitute for whatever reason. He talked about the ducks in the Central Park.

The book divides into three parts and an appendix. Frankly, I do not remeber much the first part. The second part is about Winston and Julia; they live in a society where Big Brother is watching you with telescreens and spying by others. The third part is about the torture on Winston. For me the last part is very hard for me to read. The way the author describes how Winston being torture is so horrific. I can only think a thing that had me with such effect was the scary movie I first watched. The visual image and the feeling from the last part of book is still with me. It is so horrid that I could not get rid of.

Thank you
And proofreading is not my cup of tea.

This essay is so negative that I cannot bear to read it. Please start again and show some interest in your topic.