My sister just asked me if I could name any nouns that were both proper and abstract. Her English teacher gave homework to find some, but I can't think of any. I mean, an abstract noun is one that you can't see or touch, etc....so there would be none of those considered important enough to capitalize, right?

Can anyone think of some?
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How about 'God'?

Best wishes, Clive
Hi, How about Utopia, Communism?
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i don't know any. It would help if you put (1) exampale.

Did you read this thread?

Best wishes, Clive
couldn't days of the week be proper abstract nouns? you can't feel taste touch see or hear them
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Sounds like a reasonable suggestion.

Christmas, Wednesday, December, the Renaissance ...
I am a Language Arts teacher...I do not think that days of the week are abstract. I have been seeing that idea all over the net. Days of the week are NAMES give to the day. Certainly you can't discern the names of days with your senses but that goes for the names of most other nouns. A day can be observed with the senses...so even the day is not abstract: Democracy and words of that order are closer to being accepted as a proper abstract noun.
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