Which is the correct sentence?

Have you ate?

Have you eaten?

Why is there a differance?
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The correct sentence is "Have you eaten?"

The tense is present perfect wich is built by a present tense form of have and the past participle of the full-verb - here "eaten" (from eat).
"ate" is the simple past tense form of "eat".
Thanks, my daughter had asked the question Have you ate yet? and was corrected to Have you eaten? and I am the worlds worst at grammar so I appreciate the help! Thanks again!
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You're very welcome, Hedilady, that's what the forum is for Emotion: smile))
A lot of people i hang out with are always saysing ... I seen that yesterday, and I seen a movie a day a go. Whats the proper way to say it.
Since the context of each example explicitly mentions a particular point in the past, simple past tense is the standard:

'I saw that yesterday'. 'I saw a movie a day ago.'
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Can you find an error in this sentence? My family is spending its vacation in the east.
Is this a homework question?
"My family is spending its vacation in the east."

I know that here is a difference between American and British English, as "family" is understood either as a collective noun, seen as 'ONE group', so verbs and possessive pronouns occur in singular:
"My family is spending ITS vacation in the east."
Or "Family" can also be seen as a group with 'SEVERAL members', then verbs and possessive pronouns occur in plural:
"My family is spending THEIR vacation in the east."

I do not know at the moment, which "English" prefers what way of saying it, but this could maybe have been your 'mistake'?!
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