I have a question that I can't seem to find a consistent answer on and would appreciate any help you can give. I am writing my resume and have this bullet point:

- Executed strategic and tactical corporate and product marketing programs, including: strategic planning and development; product lifecycle management; promotion/advertising; market and competitor research and analysis; forecasting; budgeting; and communications.

Am I using correct punctuation by placing a colon after "including" and then following each item in the list with a semicolon?

Thanks for your help!

First of all did you want to kill the strategy?Executed means killed,the right word would be executive.The best thing might be good to do is to put heading at the top and then explain it either by a paragraph or bullet points.
However in resume writing maybe is better to use bulletpoints than semicolon .If is too hard consult a resume book or internet or pay for professional resume writer.As your resume is your introduction to the world.
Humor - Execute can also mean "To carry out"
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Executed also means implemented, that was the correct usage. Executive is wrong. Also, the colon is ok, the semi-colons should all be commas, however.

I may be way too late to help, but just thought I would chip in.

The colon indicates a list is to follow- you then use commas to separate the items in the list. A semi-colon shows a change in clause or thought, which is not applicable to the above. I always recommend googling punctuation, as they give way better examples than I could.